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First and foremost I Wish to thank you and the Outdoor Adventure Foundation in allowing myself to partake in the recent duck, pheasant, and deer hunting excursion near Minot, North Dakota which is a beautiful bountiful state. I have not hunted pheasants since 1986 and ducks since 1999. I also wish to add I have only hunted whitetail deer 4 times since 1986. Alter my injun’es that were sustained in Iraq in 1991, I was unable to go out and do the activities that I grew up enjoying as a farm kid from Iowa. When my wife Heather and I were approached in regards to me being a part of this activity I was excited not only to be given the chance to hunt but the opportunity to hunt with Mr. Tweed Roosevelt who is the Great Grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, but also the recent Medal of Honor recipient Clinton “Roe” Romesha. I was lucky enough to harvest a few ducks and pheasants and as I write this letter 1 have a pheasant in the crock pot. I have to give a thank you to Mr. Mark Hamilton and his Wife for their hospitality while staying at their lodge outside Minot. I truly believe the pointers that you and Mark gave me enabled me to come out of the field with a bird. I was unable to harvest a deer even though I saw numerous on a daily basis. It is truly hard to put into words the gratitude I feel towards the Outdoor Adventure Foundation in allowing myself to partake in such a great tradition as hunting. I will remember this time spent in North Dakota for the rest of my life. I will admit I came back home with an increased knowledge of President Roosavelt and that of the Native Americans. I met new people and came out having people that I can call friends. As I stated to you before there are organizations that “talk the talk” in regards to helping individuals but it is another to be involved with those that “walk the walk”. In closing I wish to relay to you a warm and heartfelt “thank you” which does include the same sentiments from my wife Heather.